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Double your Deposit with Broadgate Homes

Double your Deposit with Broadgate Homes

Broadgate Homes are committed to helping buyers move into their dream home, whether it's a first time buyer taking their first steps on the property ladder, or those looking to move up to a home more suited to their expanding needs.

In order to help make these dreams become a reality, Broadgate Homes realise one of the biggest problems people have to overcome is having a big enough deposit to obtain a mortgage.

Broadgate Homes "Double your Deposit" scheme could be the answer to assist with this deposit issue.

Broadgate Homes Launch their Double your Deposit Scheme

Interested? Let us tell you more………

Most lenders criteria require a minimum of 10%. Whilst it is easier for most people to reach the 5%, this delays their moving dream until they can save the extra amount they need. With the Double your Deposit scheme Broadgate Homes will literally do just that……….they will double your deposit. This lifts your funds from the 5% you have already saved to the 10% deposit needed to secure a mortgage for your new home with the assistance of a 90% mortgage. **Terms and conditions apply and selected plots only

***Call the sales team today on 01775 711637 for more information on this popular deposit scheme***

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